Let’s face it: there are certain people who would rather not have an open flame, however small and contained, in their presence. And, you might as well know, up front, this post is written  by someone who is partial to genuine candlelight. If you are that kind of person, I’m sure you will find these attractive!

If you would rather be safe than sorry…to each his own. You might want to investigate here:

I believe the start of my life-long interest in candles began due to growing up with a mom  who had her own passion: a clean house. I remember growing up with mom, who would grimace at some dust on a surface  and wash the floor after every meal.  I was always thankful for mom’s clean house, but sometimes I believe she went too far…

My mom liked candles as decoration – as long as they weren’t lit! She would rather see a pristine, white wick as opposed to a warm, glowing candle flame. To each his own.  I’ve always felt the danger of fire from candlelight does NOT have to keep us from enjoying candlelight. All one needs to do is choose a proper, safe candle holder for the candle you choose to enjoy.

Once you choose a candle holder, the location  one chooses for the candle and holder is of utmost importance. A location with nothing directly above it is crucial to the safety of the candle. Nothing means NO THING. Never use candles near plants, ceilings or even fabric near to a lighted flame. It is also important that the location you choose be free from strong drafts and wind!

Another way to feel safe about benefitting from a natural flame is to employ what’s known as a “hurricane candle holder”.

Hurricane candles  and hurricane candle holders are a very simple concept: a small candle is placed inside a holder that can be made out of glass, wood, metal or even more wax ( a wax with a much higher melting point than that of the lit candle). In this way, the flame is protected from wind and any object within proximity.

These hurricane candle holders are only one way to protect a lit candle from causing any damage. Candle holders abound that protect the flame while allowing people to benefit from the flame.

But I should mention the flameless candle, since I named the article with this term. Honestly, I cannot see the connection between a cold, plastic , battery-driven contraption  and  a real candle flame. The people that invented these consumables obviously were not focused on helping their customers.

I cannot understand why ANYONE  would choose an artificial light that looks like a candle and think it works just as well as the real thing. Flameless candles offer no warmth, no dynamic beauty of a real, lit candle flame. There is no connection to chemistry happening when one lights flameless “candles.”However, I believe in a person’ right to their own opinion and I respect everyone’s choices.

The entire candle itself holds an attraction to me. It isn’t just the mood the candle creates. The flame, so symbolic to humans, is hypnotic to me. To have a flame to gaze upon is one of the most pleasant things for me to do to de-stress. It’s quick. It’s beautiful, it’s alive with a  primordial draw to it that I just cannot resist.

The candle flame can be used as the focus of meditation, regulated breathing, and relaxation.  So much the better if the candle is scented, because we all know how effective aromatherapy is for relaxing and even inducing sleep, if you use lavender!

To me, there really is no comparison between the new, “flameless” candle and the real thing. I don’t understand the thinking behind wanting something that looks like a candle but has none of the benefits of the real thing. Why not choose another, natural style of decorating with mood lighting, if that is what you seek.

However, as you make your choice, please realize there is no reason to avoid the natural choice, I reiterate the fact that there are myriad ways of protecting the flame while displaying the beauty of a natural candle.

And, I believe the effect is increased by lighting more than one candle at  the same time in the same room. Many years ago, I saw a photo of Heather Locklear, the actress, in her  home’s huge bathtub. It was surrounded by many candles, all lit, creating a mellow glow for the star’s bubbles. The photo was supposed to prove that Locklear had solved all her behavior problems due to a  new  psychiatrist she had taken as the current answer to all her prayers.

I never forgot the picture, due to the beauty of the scene and the glorious glow that emitted from all the candles! Surely, that stood in my mind of the embodiment of stress-free happiness.

Imagine how the effect would have been changed with the use of the new “flameless” candles, had they been available at that point in time. I KNOW the photo couldn’t have had the same effect on me.


I’m sure it’s obvious from this post that I am of the mind that the new, “flameless” candles are a misnomer. It isn’t “flameless”, it isn’t even a candle, technically. Candles have wicks. A flameless “candle” is a cold, plastic representation of something that has been with humanity since its inception, almost. Well, at least since the invention of fire!

If you love the low-lighting  of  environments, I urge you to research the incorporation of natural candle light into your homes and landscaping. I believe it lends an air of mystery, beauty and relaxation that is hard to achieve by other, unnatural means of lighting.

In closing, let me refer you to my post about the use of candles  throughout history. It may explain some of the attractiveness and benefits of employing candlelight in your life.




  1. Hi
    I love candles too, such a soothing and natural light source. Due to a power outage I once spent an entire weekend with only candle light and felt much more relaxed at the end of it. I was kind of sorry when the power went back on.
    As you say, they’re a great way to use aromatherapy too. Two relaxing benefits at once!

    1. Hello and thank you for your kind words. I had a 10 day span without electricity. I was in Florida and it was after a hurricane. However, that also meant that we didn’t have a/c. It was bittersweet!



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