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I am an old hippie who lives in northern California! I live in Tahoe National Forest, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is truly beautiful.

I have been using candles throughout my life. Candle popularity and use exploded during the years of the tumultuous 1960s. I remember everyone had a used bottle of chianti wine, covered in straw at the bottom. These were used to hold our tapered, colored, drip candles. It was a sign of devotion if your “chianti bottle candle holder” was almost hidden by the melted wax made of many different colored candles. This has led me to research different uses of candles for many purposes. I plan to share my findings with you in future blogs. My hope is that this brings joy and relaxation to all my readers.

Candles can be used for many things. Ceremonies centering on candles have been with us for centuries, for petitioning the gods or celebrating life events, including fertility and birth.

Whether you like scented, unscented, drip or dripless, I hope to help people choose the most useful and pleasing of candles and their accessories here.

This site is constantly under construction. I plan to blog about all things wax and wicks-related. I will blog about candle ceremonies, songs, even spiritually-related uses of the candle to help us all slow down and find peace in this hectic and stressful, yet beautiful world we live in.

Pleases return often and leave your thoughts and suggestions. Feel free to reach out with any questions, too!

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I only offer suggestions here to help others. Feel free to explore my site and enjoy the knowledge I have gathered for you. I love comments, so don’t be afraid of communicating with me. I respond within 24 hours, usually.

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