Magic, much like anything else in life, takes attention to detail and practice before it becomes effective. One rule of advice I would like to offer is that it is of utmost importance that you are familiar with ritual procedure before expecting results.

Think of the first time you rode a two-wheeled bicycle. You needed to learn to balance the bike before you sped off with all your other playmates. The same will be true with your magic rituals – except that more is known about balancing a bicycle than is known about making magic happen!

You wouldn’t attempt ot cook a formal dinner for three couples if you have never prepared a meal before, right? You wouldn’t undertake a major remodeling of your home without having a detailed plan, correct? If you did, you would end up costing yourself a lot of expense and headaches.

In this blog, I plan to discuss the magic symbols used in rituals.


To produce successful magic rituals, one must bring together every element necessary to communicate intent to one’s subconscious. This includes equipment, the energy one creates and symbols one uses to focus and train your imagery. Whatever objects are present at the temple or altar should symbolically represent one’s intention. Remember, one’s subconscious deals in images, not words. Symbols that do not actually pertain to your intention or idea should be out of sight.


To become proficient at performing rituals, you must understand you will build a symbolic space in your mind to develop your magical powers. Successful spells begin and end with a specific procedure. You may ask why. This is because openings and closings help our minds set on what we are trying to accomplish. We are communicating with the subconscious mind.

IN our imaginations, we prepare for and perform rituals meaningfully and honestly. The opening procedure signals your brain that concentration is coming. When you use the closing procedure, it helps your brain know that the period of intense concentration and visualization is over.

First, assemble your materials. As in the candle ritual related here you face magical east ( always in front of you) and you see a strong door facing you . This magical doorway bears the symbol of a cross within a circle. Light a candle that represents yourself. This symbolizes your inner power, or subconscious. This symbol of a cross within a circle is not Christian or Pagan. It represents the power of the universe.

medieval cross within a circle image
The medieval cross within a circle symbol

See yourself standing in the center of the symbol. The four directions of the cross represent magiccal power flowing throughout the universe, through the circle. See the symbol shining in bright blinding light. Simply focus on the symbol. Perhaps use a verbal or mental command, like, “Circle of the universe – arise!”. Use your imagination to build upon this This is the start of your magical sphere.

Now, add the idea of the four elements to the doorways located on your altar.
In addition to your self-candle, you have four other candles to represent the elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Each element has a color and a direction associated with it.

There is an entire body of complex beliefs about the “fourfold system of power that exists within everything” (ibid, pg 27). Just be aware of your place within the universe. Now picture a doorway directly in front of you again. This door represents the air element and is signified by a yellow candle. As you light the yellow candle, picture the door open. Light floods in and enshrines you in yellow. Yellow fills your temple. Envision it. See it.

Next, see a red doorway. This is the doorway to the element of fire. It blazes you with heat and power when you open the doorway and light the candle. The portal falls away to reveal red flowing through your temple. Visualize this happening.

A blue doorway will be seen next. It is the blue doorway to the element of water. Light the blue candle. As you open the door, the color blue lights every point in space. Blue floods in, as refreshing water to your subconscious.

Lastly, envision a green doorway and imagine it opens to you as you light the green candle. Allow the green light to enter your temple. This is the power of the earth energy. Bathe in the green glow for as long as it takes to fill the temple with the green hue.


Your inner temple is complete. It is now open for you to send out your petition and desires to the universe. Burn some incense, and return to focus on your desired outcome. Use visualization and positive imagery. Remember what you read here and be sure to be “involved” with the ritual. If you speak, speak with feeling. You only get out as much as you put in!

Repeating this opening procedure will give you a feeling of having more control over your ritual. It prepares your mind for the intense communication it will begin. Practice will ensure you are stimulating your subconscious into action by the use of symbolism.


After completing the opening procedure, take as much time as you need to comtemplate your specific intention and visualize as much as you can. When you feel it is completed, perform a closing procedure as follows:

Begin with the air door (east/yellow). Close the door firmly and extinguish the yellow candle. Do the same to the red candle next, signifying south. Close the red doorway as you put the candle out. Proceed to the blue (western/water) candle and put it out. End with the green candle and doorway. Close the door and extinguish the candle.

The only other thing to do is extinguish the candle that represents yourself. Slowly return to normal thought as you go back through the doorways, sealing them closed as you exit. Now, closing is complete!

This is only the beginning practice ritual. You need to perform it several times until you feel natural with doing it. Proficiency comes after daily practice.


This blog attempts to instruct readers in performing candle ritual spells in order to petition the universe. It is serious mental imaging and hard mental visualization. This blog instructs in the opening and closing procedures of candle magic spells. It also sheds some light on the symbolism used in candle magic. The author believes it is possible to petition the universe for our most secret desires.

I would be very interested to hear readers’ thoughts on this blog and the subject of candle rituals. Please feel free to communicate with me, through use of the comment box at the bottom of this post. We enjoy hearing from readers and are interested to hear about your experience.

Cooper, Phillip (2000), Candle Magic, a Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals & Magical Paradigms, Weiser, Inc., ISBN number: 1-57863-121-1

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