If you said no, you are probably mistaken. Have you ever made a wish and blown out candles on a birthday cake? Then, you have engaged in candle magic! Candle magic is used for good. It is light candle magic. First, you made a wish-probably with closed eyes- then,took a deep breath and blew out the candles ( one for each year, huh?). Do you know why?

The blowing out of birthday candles is a ritual involving candle
magic. The wish you make is your concentration on what you want. The breath you use to blow out the candles signifies ‘life’ that is going on in you for all the years represented by the candles. It overcomes the years.
Down throughout the ages, a candle’s flame has always been used to represent “spiritual illumination”. The light is knowledge. The darkness is ignorance and nothingness. This is how early Christians beeswax candles came to represent Christ, faith and witness. Throughout history

The candle is a symbol of the human lifespan; the brief time we get to live. It is also a metaphor of the fragility of human life: it is easily extinguished! In some paintings, a candle is often used to symbolize a human soul.

Throughout history, it was believed that evil spirits could extinguish a lighted candle with their presence. You see, they prefer darkness. There is a belief that burning candles could keep evil spirits away.

For example, all births signaled the use of candles, so the flames could defend the new life from evil. The same belief surrounded death: candles were used to protect the dying from being interfered with by evil spirits. Candles insured the soul would be free from evil upon death.

There have always been rituals that use candle light. In northern England, candles are popular as a love charm, even into modern times. One old ritual involved sticking two pins into a candle. By the time the candle burned down to the pins, your love should arrive! Boy, that was easy.

The Jewish Festival of the Lights or Hanukkah, involves the lighting of one candle on the first night of the holy time. The second night, two candles are burned, and so on until the eighth night when all the candles are lit. The candles are a symbol of the Jewish faith: it is ever-growing and inextinguishable. This holiday commemorates the dedication of the Second Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem in 165 BC.

The Jewish faith also uses a burning candle 10 days before Yom Kippur ( the Day of Atonement). It is at this time that God decides the fate of all living people for the next year. If the candle symbolizing you burns to the bottom, you were supposed to live to see the next Yom Kippur. If your candle somehow burned out, you were not expected to live out the year.

This is just mentioned as an example. People of all religions, as well as Pagans, used the purest beeswax to make their religious or spiritual candles. Bees were considered messengers to God. Surely, with the use of pure beeswax candles, the connection to God seemed closer.


The Unabridged Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines magic as the “art of achieving a desired result by use of certain, mysterious techniques, such as incantations or ceremonies”.

The famous 20th Century magician, Aleister Crowley, defined magic as, ” The Science and art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. I’ve read that magic is made by ” removing the limitations from what we think are the earthly and spiritual laws that bind or compel us. We can be anything because we are All.” Florence Faar.

Magic allows us to defeat what would otherwise be overpowering, insurmountable forces and helps us attract to us whatever we think about.


Have you ever heard of a book called “The Secret”? Many famous and successful people live by this book and its’ teachings. The Secret is about harnessing the power of the universe, which is infinite, to give us whatever we are concentrating on: a desired outcome or a need we have to fill. The book, available here on DVD or in book form, below, is a close parallel to

using candle magic. Picture yourself with your heart’s desire, respect the universe and be positive and open to receiving your wish. In both candle magic and The Secret, one must be willing to do the work associated with the desired outcome for you to realize it. Let’s say you wanted to use candle magic to attract the love of your life to you. You must not wait to the ritual and flame to do the entire job. You must believe and put yourself in situations where you are able to meet people. The magic will do nothing to make whatever you seek suddenly appear at your doorstep. Picture what you want; imagine how happy you will be once you have your heart’s desire. Think only good thoughts. And, be persistent. Out of all of the magical arts, candle magic is famous for its simplicity and effectiveness.


1. It is inexpensive and uses supplies found anywhere.

2. There is no need for special robes or involved ceremonies.

3. Rituals can be performed indoors or outdoors.

4. There is no special training needed. Start now, and see immediate results!

5. It is versatile. There are rituals for attraction, repulsion, protection and for divination of the future, as well as petition.

6. It must only be used for GOOD. Remember Karma? If you put bad or negative vibrations or thoughts into the universe, they will come back to you as negative. If you are positive and stand for good, only good things will be attracted to you.

Let’s return to the birthday candle magic discussion. Each time you made a wish and blew out a candle, you practiced candle magic: you concentrated on something, then wished for it ( I bet you closed your eyes sometimes, too), your subconscious received the request and made the wish “come true”! I believe this is related to the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – whatever your mind dwells on will be attracted to you through the limitless universe!

Lighting a candle for a specific purpose doesn’t have to be intrusive or obvious in your lifestyle. Only you know the significance placed on the burning of the candle in the ritual you performed. People react positively to candlelight.

Candle light itself is uplifting and comforting. The flames emit light and warmth that create feelings of joy and lightness. A candle flame is dynamic. Looking into a candle flame is hypnotic and dynamic at the same time. I think it is plain to see how candles became associated with magical power.

Churches, like the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox all incorporate the burning of candles when making requests and petitions. People all over the globe use candles to effect change and bring them what they want


When one lights a candle for a specific purpose, the candle becomes a powerful tool that helps you do magic. The requester make a subconscious impression on the candle by concentration. As the candle burns, the request is sent out into the universe. It is a link between the mind of the petitioner and the Universal Mind ( whoever or whatever you perceive that to be). The Universal Mind is spiritual. The candle wax is changed into spirit by the burning. Add intent, and you have some powerful magic.


The four elements are incorporated into rituals involving candles.

The unburned candle symbolizes Earth, but when Fire is introduced the candle begins to melt, which results in liquid wax ( symbolizing Water). The Air is symbolized by the smoke emitted from the candle flame.


Factors necessary for making magic include:

Have a desire or goal in mind. You should stay focused on it the entire time needed to complete the ritual.

Emotional involvement on your part is essential!

Choose the correct candle(s).

The candle must be dressed. This will be discussed in another blog.

The candle must be consecrated. Also discussed in other blogs.

The candle must be burned. The best way to do this is with a ritual. It helps to send the desire (wish) energy into the universe.

Believe in the power of your magic. Wait, excitedly, for the desired results.

Remember to do the work associated with obtaining your desire. We are instrumental in drawing to us what we want. Doing the work is vital to your magical capabilities.


I believe candle magic can work, depending on our own opinions and amount of work done,in addition to the candle ritual. Petitioners have long sought the divine help of the universe in achieving their goals. The subconscious mind somehow communicates our deepest desires to the Universal Mind. This helps us visualize and keep on reaching for our desired outcomes. Envision good things, believe, live well, treat others well, and follow your heart.

I will continue to investigate more of candle magic and report back to you. This site is always under construction. Please feel free to leave comments if you desire. We love to communicate and answer any questions that may come up. And, keep returning as I delve deeper into candle rituals and magic.

Webster, Richard, (2007) Candle Magic for Beginners, The Easiest Magic You Can Do, Llewelyn Publishers, ISBN: 978-0-7387-0535-4

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