I’ve been learning more an more about magic and candle spells as I research writing for this blog and my readers. Did you know that magic spells and rituals using candles have been practiced and handed down through the ages? Now, I’m normally not a believer in the supernatural or the occult – I usually don’t believe anything I haven’t seen myself.

However, I DO believe that candle magic rituals can produce success. It is a positive way to approach problems, quandaries and desires present in our lives and open up the passageways to the subconscious.

I view the mind as a powerful force. As a matter of fact, I think the mind and its’ workings can explain why some people are happy and well-adjusted while other people can’t seem to find peace, fulfillment or happiness.


The performance of candle magic rituals can create a stillness of the soul where there is only chaos and confusion. Rituals involve positive, constructive thoughts and images being introduced to the subconscious in ways it will understand. This post will explain about ritual creation, visualization and preparation necessary to be successful in your petition to the universe.



In modern times, science and technology have clearly explained away any belief most humans might have had about the occult, or “magick” as the term had been known. Candle magic spells rituals use creative thinking and symbols. Creative thinking, alone, can cause positive change in life. It happens every day. It is really difficult for some people to think positively. For people like these, candle magic spells are a real life way to improve and increase your positive thinking.

There are symbols used in candle magic rituals but these are the simplest and most innocent of symbols. One needs to be aware of these symbols before one can truly understand what one is about to undertake.

The symbols, of course are the candles you will utilize. In this example we will need one candle to represent ourselves (the self candle). In addition, one needs four other candles. The four other candles should be yellow ( to correspond to the AIR element and the direction EAST), blue (symbolizing the direction WEST and the element WATER), green ( signifying EARTH element and the direction NORTH), and red ( to stand for the FIRE element and the direction SOUTH).

The candles will be placed in a circle with your candle in the center. The “magical EAST”*is always directly in front of you. Use this fact in organizing your temple ( the actual site of your ritual). In accordance with this fact, the yellow candle will sit at the top of the spiritual altar you will build with the candles and your mind. To the right, you will place the red candle, delineating south. Place the green candle opposite the red, signifying the earth and north. Behind your candle, place the blue candle, symbolizing the West and Water.

AS a result of doing this, you have placed the element candles at each gateway of power in the universe. This is why, when you practice the rituals enough and believe, success must follow. This is the message of many mind-power books and motivational speakers. Thinking about something in the correct way stimulates our subconscious.

You must provide the positive change to motivate your own subconscious to petition the universe to bring your desires to reality. Be positive you deserve what you desire and that you really want what you are visualizing.

Another way to think about what you want, since we have to be specific and devoted to get what we want, is to view your desires through an anagram,


Strengths – What is good about your position?
What will aid your success?

Weaknesses – What could go against you?
Do the possible costs outweigh the gains?

Opportunities – It’s all about timing. when is the best time to
do this? Have you any astrological or planetary

Threats – What could possibly go wrong? You might be
surprised. Consider it all.

There is a connection between the commitment you make to performing the ritual that will be very important to the outcome of your endeavors. You can just speak the words you are using in the spell, or your could be the thought behind the words. Make them come from your mind. Visualize what you are saying and always believe!

We all know there is intelligence in life’s energies. Some call it “God”. But, this God does not judge you. It never controls you. It definitely breaks cosmic laws to think we do NOT have free choice in how we decide to use energies and powers given to us by being alive.

One can choose to squander the talents and benefits one has been given by birth and waste the power we have over our lives. I bet we all know someone who has chosen this path.

However, if you choose to live in security, wealth and happiness, you have all the same powers at your disposal. Tell the universe what you want, inform your subconscious and your desire will soon manifest itself. Because we have free will, we must behave in a responsible way. Ask only for good.

There are several more symbols people can use to petition the universe, besides the candles. I will discuss these more in another blog. However, if you are curious, look for upcoming blogs about the magic sphere, the cross within the circle, and other amazing aspects of performing candle magic spells.


This blog has discussed use of performing candle magic ritual spells in the proper mental and physical state. The subconscious is powerful and once you learn to harness its power you will not believe the results. You must be ready to communicate with the universe through use of symbolism and your subconscious.

In other, subsequent blogs I will cover other necessary symbolism for creating positive candle magic rituals. I cited my sources at the bottom of this post. If you enjoyed it, you may consider purchasing same.

Thanks for reading. Think positively!


Cooper, Phillip (2000) Candle Magic, a Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals and Magic Paradigms, Weiser and Co. ISBN number: 1-57863-121-1

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