Sweet 16 candle centerpiece
sweet 16 party centerpiece

One of the most important birthdays in the life of girls is the Sweet 16 Celebration. I have ideas for Sweet 16 party decorations and rituals involving candles and candle holders. I’d like you to consider a wonderful, warm candle lighting ceremony that you can cater to your specific needs or situation. I have been researching candle ceremonies, as many of my regular readers know.

I found that a candle lighting ceremony, complete with a special Sweet 16 candle lighting centerpiece or set of candle holders can turn a bland gathering into a celebratory, special occasion to make lifetime memories for your teen and the entire family. Imagine what your teen is about to face these days! I think this rite of passage is important to illustrate to the birthday girl that family, friends and community value her. Your teen will need to know people care about her and want her to have a happy, successful life.



I would like you to consider adding a candle lighting ceremony to your plans for a Sweet 16 party. I found that Mexico, Latin American nations and Latina communities in the United States celebrate a female’s transition from girl to woman at the age of 15, or Quinceanera celebration. This rite of passage is a religious and social event that reinforces the importance of family and society in the female’s life.


In Spanish speaking cultures the birthday begins with a special mass for the girl, her parents and godparents. Mass is followed by a reception attended by friends and family. The reception is filled with music, food, dancing and well-wishing.

The birthday girl will often have a “court of damas” or maids of honor and possibly chamberlains, which would be male friends or siblings. The celebration can be elaborate or simple, depending on the resources of the family. Some families will have extravagant wedding-like catered affairs. Others are happy with a gathering of people wherever they will be comfortable to express their best wishes to the young woman.

No matter whether the 15th or 16th birthday is chosen by your culture to honor your child, the idea is the same. This is a special year that marks her entrance into society as a young woman, where different behavioral rules will apply. You want your child to know that she is loved and valued as she passes through these years of rapid change.

You can decide your own format for the party of your choice. There are speeches from party goers or parents. Sometimes, you can choose a symbolic event to formally denote your teenager’s passage through time. For example, one tradition involves the birthday girl “handing down” a doll to a younger female sibling, to represent the passing down of childhood ways to the next child. If there is no female sibling, one could vary the ceremony to have the birthday girl “hand down” a favorite toy to a younger brother.

If there are no siblings, there is always the symbolic “changing of shoes” where the birthday girl dons a pair of high heeled shoes for the first time, symbolizing her reaching young womanhood. I have read about celebrations that feature a dance by the birthday girl and her father, if possible. There could be many high points to the evening!


Here’s the Sweet 16 Candle Lighting Ceremony basics. As stated above, feel free to personalize the ritual according to your own needs.

In one scenario, the birthday girl calls people up to celebrate with her by lighting a candle. The birthday girl could speak about the influence given her by the person who lights the candle. She can speak about the special guidance of a person or some other attribute of the relationship as she calls up to 15 people up to light individual candles in the candle centerpiece. The candle sets featured on this page are merely suggesstions. They can be used for 15 year old girls and 16 year old girls. They can be simple or elaborate: that’s up to you.

Another variation of the ceremony involves the family head leading the candle lighting ceremony by expressing their hopes and dreams for the girl. They could invite specific people up to the candelabra to light a candle while speaking about their relationship with the birthday girl.

You can create a specific plan according to your needs and desires. There is a lighting order for the candles traditionally. You may want to plan your own ceremony according to these candle lighting practices:


Candle 1 is for the parents.

Candle 2 is for siblings, if any. If no siblings, then grandparents.

Candles 3 through 6 are for aunts, uncles, cousins or other family members.

Candles 7 through 14 are for specially chosen people who have close relationships with the celebrant, like teachers, clergy or others in the community.

Candle 15 is for the best male or female friend.

Candle 16 is for a male – either a friend or boyfriend.

Note: Candle 17 is for the Sweet 16 party only. Its use is to symbolize good luck for the future.

Warm words and hugs should accompany each lighting of a candle. You could have the guests and family say a few words as they come up to light a candle. Or, you could have the birthday girl choose her own participants and decide whether she wants to speak about them or vice versa. People have both sometimes, since girls in this age group certainly have a lot to say to each other!

Another variation has the birthday girl lighting the candles while she speaks about the people she has chosen to be part of the celebration. If you invite guests up to say some words, it’s great to prearrange this – some people get tongue tied and need the preparation time.

Some families choose to have a musical accompaniment to the candle lighting ceremony. Specific songs could be played while certain friends and family come up to light the candles. Each song should evoke a memory or relationship with that individual.


I wrote this post to help people looking to celebrate Sweet 16 birthday parties. The post discusses the influence of the Mexican-inspired Quinceanera celebration. I believe the Spanish speaking tradition of marking a girl’s 15th birthday is more religious and highlights the goodness of the birthday girl as well as her family and well-wishers as she continues her journey through life.

God knows how important these teenage years are in the lives of our children. Especially today, with all the negative influences there are to shield from and educate about, the celebration of your teen’s coming of age can be quite stressful for onlookers. These young adults need to feel as loved as you can make them, while introducing them to society and the adult relationships they will now form.

The candle lighting ceremony is a perfect way to stop the festivities for a few moments to solemnly and gratefully acknowledge positive forces in the young woman’s life. It’s a sure way to communicate your love to your child, your family and friends. Thanks for reading and I hope I gave you ideas to help your family make memories and happy occasions.

This site is always under construction. My aim is to blog about candles, their holders and uses for anyone looking for ideas. If you have comments, concerns or just want to share your experiences, I would love to hear from you. Just fill out the comment box and I will reply within 24 hours.


nurses grad cap
nurse grad cap


Do you know someone graduating from nursing school? I learned of a 100 year old tradition that is currently carried on by only a handful of nursing schools. Is your graduate performing a candle light ceremony at the school of graduation? The nurse training is especially stressful. Nursing is not a job: It is more of a calling to do God’s work. Not everyone can minister to the injured or infirm.

If your graduating nurse does not get a candle light ceremony to honor his/her entrance to the field of the caregiver, I suggest giving the gift of a candle to the graduate.


This is a nursing school that celebrates its’ junior year students annually, in April, with a ceremony by candle light. Carolyn Miller, an official of the university, notes that the candle light ceremony is a tradition in nursing. The ceremonies were mostly held at the end of a certain amount of training, along with a probationary period. It was at these ceremonies that students received their “cap”. It wasn’t the type of graduating cap pictured above, but the white nursing cap. The cap is significant and I will write about it in a minute.

In current times, nursing practices have changed. The ritual has mostly been left behind. The Franciscan University at Steubenville provides a ritual for the dedication of graduates to the healing ministry of nursing.

nurses at graduation with candles
nurses at graduation candle ceremony

The above illustration is a generic image of a nursing graduation candle ceremony, not indicative of the ritual at Franciscan University. At the school’s ceremony, the junior year students file into the room, each holding a candle. The candles are symbolic: Florence Nightengale used a kerosene lamp to tend to patients during the Crimean War. In addition, Saint Catherine of Sienna held a lamp while tending to the victims of European plagues.


The traditional white uniform and cap date back to the Medevil times. The uniform was inspired by a religious sister’s habit. Miller says it is professional garb. Nurses receive special pins at the graduation, too.

The little white caps worn by nurses initially represented a specific religious order, bgut have been redesigned over time to represent different nursing schools. These historical elements are included in the Franciscan ceremony to honor the nursing tradition.

The ceremony includes the “blessing” of each individual student and is done by the president of the university. In the last 38 years, Miller says the ceremony has grown since she has been there. More officials of the school attend, as do many families of the students; some come from as far as Alaska to attend.

The class gets to choose a patron and a prayer: “Help us to recognize the face of Jesus in our suffering brothers and sisters and to serve Him with humility and joy” – Class of 2019 nursing students’ prayer.

nurses at graduation with candles
nurses at graduation candle ceremony

The school states it keeps this tradition and ritual in order to recognize our commitment to the care of the sick and injured and to offer this whole business of nursing to the Lord, says Miller.


The purpose of the ceremony is to honor the students for their achievements. It also dedicates future nurses to God’s service. Senior nursing students often attend the ceremony along with their junior year schoolmates. It is truly a time of love, acceptance and hope for the future.

There is a speaker at the Franciscan ceremony. This year, The speaker was Ginna Dumbrowski, who spoke about “being the presence of Christ to your patients…”.The entire ceremony is quite beautiful and holy. It speaks to the kind of spirit one needs to choose nursing as a profession. Nursing is a calling to minister or serve, meeting the needs of the most vulnerable.

I believe a candle is the best way to honor an entrant to the nursing profession. A candle is symbolic of Christ’s purity and guidance. Christ IS the Light of the world. What better way to honor one’s choice of selfless service to mankind than a candle to light the darkness.

The lighting of a candle is representative of so many aspects of life and hope. Knowledge is light – ignorance is darkness. A flame symbolizes a spirit. A candle flame symbolizes a prayer, too. I think it is an appropriate way to present the new caregiver with a gift that might even promote some relaxation and refreshment in the off hours of a stressful job.


This post discusses a candle ceremony that honors nursing school juniors. It is my mission to enlighten visitors to the pleasures and delights of candle light. I believe this ceremony is a lovely way to celebrate someone’s decision to minister to the sick and serve God and humanity at the same time.

When I learned that this ritual tradition was dying out, I decided to investigate why. It is clear to anyone of some age that the health care profession is not one that is lightly entered into. One must feel the compulsion to do God’s work and try to heal suffering to enter this field.

This work demands a love of humanity and God. It is not an easy job and people that choose to enter this field deserve all the best wishes and backing any one of us can give to them. Theirs is a special, trying, although quite rewarding career. They should be treated with the amount of caring they give to others on a daily basis. If you know a nursing school graduate, honor them with a candle.

This website is constantly under construction. Please check back regularly to check our collection of articles and advice on the enjoyment of candle light. We love to communicate. Do you agree with my choice of gift for nursing school graduates? Do you disagree? I would love to hear your comments, pro and con – it’s just a discussion and I love hearing from readers. What would you like help with? Do you use candles? Feel free to leave some comments and I will reply within 24 hours.

Thank you for reading!

REFERENCE: www.troubonline.com (2018)



Magic, much like anything else in life, takes attention to detail and practice before it becomes effective. One rule of advice I would like to offer is that it is of utmost importance that you are familiar with ritual procedure before expecting results.

Think of the first time you rode a two-wheeled bicycle. You needed to learn to balance the bike before you sped off with all your other playmates. The same will be true with your magic rituals – except that more is known about balancing a bicycle than is known about making magic happen!

You wouldn’t attempt ot cook a formal dinner for three couples if you have never prepared a meal before, right? You wouldn’t undertake a major remodeling of your home without having a detailed plan, correct? If you did, you would end up costing yourself a lot of expense and headaches.

In this blog, I plan to discuss the magic symbols used in rituals.


To produce successful magic rituals, one must bring together every element necessary to communicate intent to one’s subconscious. This includes equipment, the energy one creates and symbols one uses to focus and train your imagery. Whatever objects are present at the temple or altar should symbolically represent one’s intention. Remember, one’s subconscious deals in images, not words. Symbols that do not actually pertain to your intention or idea should be out of sight.


To become proficient at performing rituals, you must understand you will build a symbolic space in your mind to develop your magical powers. Successful spells begin and end with a specific procedure. You may ask why. This is because openings and closings help our minds set on what we are trying to accomplish. We are communicating with the subconscious mind.

IN our imaginations, we prepare for and perform rituals meaningfully and honestly. The opening procedure signals your brain that concentration is coming. When you use the closing procedure, it helps your brain know that the period of intense concentration and visualization is over.

First, assemble your materials. As in the candle ritual related here you face magical east ( always in front of you) and you see a strong door facing you . This magical doorway bears the symbol of a cross within a circle. Light a candle that represents yourself. This symbolizes your inner power, or subconscious. This symbol of a cross within a circle is not Christian or Pagan. It represents the power of the universe.

medieval cross within a circle image
The medieval cross within a circle symbol

See yourself standing in the center of the symbol. The four directions of the cross represent magiccal power flowing throughout the universe, through the circle. See the symbol shining in bright blinding light. Simply focus on the symbol. Perhaps use a verbal or mental command, like, “Circle of the universe – arise!”. Use your imagination to build upon this This is the start of your magical sphere.

Now, add the idea of the four elements to the doorways located on your altar.
In addition to your self-candle, you have four other candles to represent the elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Each element has a color and a direction associated with it.

There is an entire body of complex beliefs about the “fourfold system of power that exists within everything” (ibid, pg 27). Just be aware of your place within the universe. Now picture a doorway directly in front of you again. This door represents the air element and is signified by a yellow candle. As you light the yellow candle, picture the door open. Light floods in and enshrines you in yellow. Yellow fills your temple. Envision it. See it.

Next, see a red doorway. This is the doorway to the element of fire. It blazes you with heat and power when you open the doorway and light the candle. The portal falls away to reveal red flowing through your temple. Visualize this happening.

A blue doorway will be seen next. It is the blue doorway to the element of water. Light the blue candle. As you open the door, the color blue lights every point in space. Blue floods in, as refreshing water to your subconscious.

Lastly, envision a green doorway and imagine it opens to you as you light the green candle. Allow the green light to enter your temple. This is the power of the earth energy. Bathe in the green glow for as long as it takes to fill the temple with the green hue.


Your inner temple is complete. It is now open for you to send out your petition and desires to the universe. Burn some incense, and return to focus on your desired outcome. Use visualization and positive imagery. Remember what you read here and be sure to be “involved” with the ritual. If you speak, speak with feeling. You only get out as much as you put in!

Repeating this opening procedure will give you a feeling of having more control over your ritual. It prepares your mind for the intense communication it will begin. Practice will ensure you are stimulating your subconscious into action by the use of symbolism.


After completing the opening procedure, take as much time as you need to comtemplate your specific intention and visualize as much as you can. When you feel it is completed, perform a closing procedure as follows:

Begin with the air door (east/yellow). Close the door firmly and extinguish the yellow candle. Do the same to the red candle next, signifying south. Close the red doorway as you put the candle out. Proceed to the blue (western/water) candle and put it out. End with the green candle and doorway. Close the door and extinguish the candle.

The only other thing to do is extinguish the candle that represents yourself. Slowly return to normal thought as you go back through the doorways, sealing them closed as you exit. Now, closing is complete!

This is only the beginning practice ritual. You need to perform it several times until you feel natural with doing it. Proficiency comes after daily practice.


This blog attempts to instruct readers in performing candle ritual spells in order to petition the universe. It is serious mental imaging and hard mental visualization. This blog instructs in the opening and closing procedures of candle magic spells. It also sheds some light on the symbolism used in candle magic. The author believes it is possible to petition the universe for our most secret desires.

I would be very interested to hear readers’ thoughts on this blog and the subject of candle rituals. Please feel free to communicate with me, through use of the comment box at the bottom of this post. We enjoy hearing from readers and are interested to hear about your experience.

Cooper, Phillip (2000), Candle Magic, a Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals & Magical Paradigms, Weiser, Inc., ISBN number: 1-57863-121-1




I’ve been learning more an more about magic and candle spells as I research writing for this blog and my readers. Did you know that magic spells and rituals using candles have been practiced and handed down through the ages? Now, I’m normally not a believer in the supernatural or the occult – I usually don’t believe anything I haven’t seen myself.

However, I DO believe that candle magic rituals can produce success. It is a positive way to approach problems, quandaries and desires present in our lives and open up the passageways to the subconscious.

I view the mind as a powerful force. As a matter of fact, I think the mind and its’ workings can explain why some people are happy and well-adjusted while other people can’t seem to find peace, fulfillment or happiness.


The performance of candle magic rituals can create a stillness of the soul where there is only chaos and confusion. Rituals involve positive, constructive thoughts and images being introduced to the subconscious in ways it will understand. This post will explain about ritual creation, visualization and preparation necessary to be successful in your petition to the universe.



In modern times, science and technology have clearly explained away any belief most humans might have had about the occult, or “magick” as the term had been known. Candle magic spells rituals use creative thinking and symbols. Creative thinking, alone, can cause positive change in life. It happens every day. It is really difficult for some people to think positively. For people like these, candle magic spells are a real life way to improve and increase your positive thinking.

There are symbols used in candle magic rituals but these are the simplest and most innocent of symbols. One needs to be aware of these symbols before one can truly understand what one is about to undertake.

The symbols, of course are the candles you will utilize. In this example we will need one candle to represent ourselves (the self candle). In addition, one needs four other candles. The four other candles should be yellow ( to correspond to the AIR element and the direction EAST), blue (symbolizing the direction WEST and the element WATER), green ( signifying EARTH element and the direction NORTH), and red ( to stand for the FIRE element and the direction SOUTH).

The candles will be placed in a circle with your candle in the center. The “magical EAST”*is always directly in front of you. Use this fact in organizing your temple ( the actual site of your ritual). In accordance with this fact, the yellow candle will sit at the top of the spiritual altar you will build with the candles and your mind. To the right, you will place the red candle, delineating south. Place the green candle opposite the red, signifying the earth and north. Behind your candle, place the blue candle, symbolizing the West and Water.

AS a result of doing this, you have placed the element candles at each gateway of power in the universe. This is why, when you practice the rituals enough and believe, success must follow. This is the message of many mind-power books and motivational speakers. Thinking about something in the correct way stimulates our subconscious.

You must provide the positive change to motivate your own subconscious to petition the universe to bring your desires to reality. Be positive you deserve what you desire and that you really want what you are visualizing.

Another way to think about what you want, since we have to be specific and devoted to get what we want, is to view your desires through an anagram,


Strengths – What is good about your position?
What will aid your success?

Weaknesses – What could go against you?
Do the possible costs outweigh the gains?

Opportunities – It’s all about timing. when is the best time to
do this? Have you any astrological or planetary

Threats – What could possibly go wrong? You might be
surprised. Consider it all.

There is a connection between the commitment you make to performing the ritual that will be very important to the outcome of your endeavors. You can just speak the words you are using in the spell, or your could be the thought behind the words. Make them come from your mind. Visualize what you are saying and always believe!

We all know there is intelligence in life’s energies. Some call it “God”. But, this God does not judge you. It never controls you. It definitely breaks cosmic laws to think we do NOT have free choice in how we decide to use energies and powers given to us by being alive.

One can choose to squander the talents and benefits one has been given by birth and waste the power we have over our lives. I bet we all know someone who has chosen this path.

However, if you choose to live in security, wealth and happiness, you have all the same powers at your disposal. Tell the universe what you want, inform your subconscious and your desire will soon manifest itself. Because we have free will, we must behave in a responsible way. Ask only for good.

There are several more symbols people can use to petition the universe, besides the candles. I will discuss these more in another blog. However, if you are curious, look for upcoming blogs about the magic sphere, the cross within the circle, and other amazing aspects of performing candle magic spells.


This blog has discussed use of performing candle magic ritual spells in the proper mental and physical state. The subconscious is powerful and once you learn to harness its power you will not believe the results. You must be ready to communicate with the universe through use of symbolism and your subconscious.

In other, subsequent blogs I will cover other necessary symbolism for creating positive candle magic rituals. I cited my sources at the bottom of this post. If you enjoyed it, you may consider purchasing same.

Thanks for reading. Think positively!


Cooper, Phillip (2000) Candle Magic, a Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals and Magic Paradigms, Weiser and Co. ISBN number: 1-57863-121-1