Magic, much like anything else in life, takes attention to detail and practice before it becomes effective. One rule of advice I would like to offer is that it is of utmost importance that you are familiar with ritual procedure before expecting results.

Think of the first time you rode a two-wheeled bicycle. You needed to learn to balance the bike before you sped off with all your other playmates. The same will be true with your magic rituals – except that more is known about balancing a bicycle than is known about making magic happen!

You wouldn’t attempt ot cook a formal dinner for three couples if you have never prepared a meal before, right? You wouldn’t undertake a major remodeling of your home without having a detailed plan, correct? If you did, you would end up costing yourself a lot of expense and headaches.

In this blog, I plan to discuss the magic symbols used in rituals.


To produce successful magic rituals, one must bring together every element necessary to communicate intent to one’s subconscious. This includes equipment, the energy one creates and symbols one uses to focus and train your imagery. Whatever objects are present at the temple or altar should symbolically represent one’s intention. Remember, one’s subconscious deals in images, not words. Symbols that do not actually pertain to your intention or idea should be out of sight.


To become proficient at performing rituals, you must understand you will build a symbolic space in your mind to develop your magical powers. Successful spells begin and end with a specific procedure. You may ask why. This is because openings and closings help our minds set on what we are trying to accomplish. We are communicating with the subconscious mind.

IN our imaginations, we prepare for and perform rituals meaningfully and honestly. The opening procedure signals your brain that concentration is coming. When you use the closing procedure, it helps your brain know that the period of intense concentration and visualization is over.

First, assemble your materials. As in the candle ritual related here you face magical east ( always in front of you) and you see a strong door facing you . This magical doorway bears the symbol of a cross within a circle. Light a candle that represents yourself. This symbolizes your inner power, or subconscious. This symbol of a cross within a circle is not Christian or Pagan. It represents the power of the universe.

medieval cross within a circle image
The medieval cross within a circle symbol

See yourself standing in the center of the symbol. The four directions of the cross represent magiccal power flowing throughout the universe, through the circle. See the symbol shining in bright blinding light. Simply focus on the symbol. Perhaps use a verbal or mental command, like, “Circle of the universe – arise!”. Use your imagination to build upon this This is the start of your magical sphere.

Now, add the idea of the four elements to the doorways located on your altar.
In addition to your self-candle, you have four other candles to represent the elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Each element has a color and a direction associated with it.

There is an entire body of complex beliefs about the “fourfold system of power that exists within everything” (ibid, pg 27). Just be aware of your place within the universe. Now picture a doorway directly in front of you again. This door represents the air element and is signified by a yellow candle. As you light the yellow candle, picture the door open. Light floods in and enshrines you in yellow. Yellow fills your temple. Envision it. See it.

Next, see a red doorway. This is the doorway to the element of fire. It blazes you with heat and power when you open the doorway and light the candle. The portal falls away to reveal red flowing through your temple. Visualize this happening.

A blue doorway will be seen next. It is the blue doorway to the element of water. Light the blue candle. As you open the door, the color blue lights every point in space. Blue floods in, as refreshing water to your subconscious.

Lastly, envision a green doorway and imagine it opens to you as you light the green candle. Allow the green light to enter your temple. This is the power of the earth energy. Bathe in the green glow for as long as it takes to fill the temple with the green hue.


Your inner temple is complete. It is now open for you to send out your petition and desires to the universe. Burn some incense, and return to focus on your desired outcome. Use visualization and positive imagery. Remember what you read here and be sure to be “involved” with the ritual. If you speak, speak with feeling. You only get out as much as you put in!

Repeating this opening procedure will give you a feeling of having more control over your ritual. It prepares your mind for the intense communication it will begin. Practice will ensure you are stimulating your subconscious into action by the use of symbolism.


After completing the opening procedure, take as much time as you need to comtemplate your specific intention and visualize as much as you can. When you feel it is completed, perform a closing procedure as follows:

Begin with the air door (east/yellow). Close the door firmly and extinguish the yellow candle. Do the same to the red candle next, signifying south. Close the red doorway as you put the candle out. Proceed to the blue (western/water) candle and put it out. End with the green candle and doorway. Close the door and extinguish the candle.

The only other thing to do is extinguish the candle that represents yourself. Slowly return to normal thought as you go back through the doorways, sealing them closed as you exit. Now, closing is complete!

This is only the beginning practice ritual. You need to perform it several times until you feel natural with doing it. Proficiency comes after daily practice.


This blog attempts to instruct readers in performing candle ritual spells in order to petition the universe. It is serious mental imaging and hard mental visualization. This blog instructs in the opening and closing procedures of candle magic spells. It also sheds some light on the symbolism used in candle magic. The author believes it is possible to petition the universe for our most secret desires.

I would be very interested to hear readers’ thoughts on this blog and the subject of candle rituals. Please feel free to communicate with me, through use of the comment box at the bottom of this post. We enjoy hearing from readers and are interested to hear about your experience.

Cooper, Phillip (2000), Candle Magic, a Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals & Magical Paradigms, Weiser, Inc., ISBN number: 1-57863-121-1




I’ve been learning more an more about magic and candle spells as I research writing for this blog and my readers. Did you know that magic spells and rituals using candles have been practiced and handed down through the ages? Now, I’m normally not a believer in the supernatural or the occult – I usually don’t believe anything I haven’t seen myself.

However, I DO believe that candle magic rituals can produce success. It is a positive way to approach problems, quandaries and desires present in our lives and open up the passageways to the subconscious.

I view the mind as a powerful force. As a matter of fact, I think the mind and its’ workings can explain why some people are happy and well-adjusted while other people can’t seem to find peace, fulfillment or happiness.


The performance of candle magic rituals can create a stillness of the soul where there is only chaos and confusion. Rituals involve positive, constructive thoughts and images being introduced to the subconscious in ways it will understand. This post will explain about ritual creation, visualization and preparation necessary to be successful in your petition to the universe.



In modern times, science and technology have clearly explained away any belief most humans might have had about the occult, or “magick” as the term had been known. Candle magic spells rituals use creative thinking and symbols. Creative thinking, alone, can cause positive change in life. It happens every day. It is really difficult for some people to think positively. For people like these, candle magic spells are a real life way to improve and increase your positive thinking.

There are symbols used in candle magic rituals but these are the simplest and most innocent of symbols. One needs to be aware of these symbols before one can truly understand what one is about to undertake.

The symbols, of course are the candles you will utilize. In this example we will need one candle to represent ourselves (the self candle). In addition, one needs four other candles. The four other candles should be yellow ( to correspond to the AIR element and the direction EAST), blue (symbolizing the direction WEST and the element WATER), green ( signifying EARTH element and the direction NORTH), and red ( to stand for the FIRE element and the direction SOUTH).

The candles will be placed in a circle with your candle in the center. The “magical EAST”*is always directly in front of you. Use this fact in organizing your temple ( the actual site of your ritual). In accordance with this fact, the yellow candle will sit at the top of the spiritual altar you will build with the candles and your mind. To the right, you will place the red candle, delineating south. Place the green candle opposite the red, signifying the earth and north. Behind your candle, place the blue candle, symbolizing the West and Water.

AS a result of doing this, you have placed the element candles at each gateway of power in the universe. This is why, when you practice the rituals enough and believe, success must follow. This is the message of many mind-power books and motivational speakers. Thinking about something in the correct way stimulates our subconscious.

You must provide the positive change to motivate your own subconscious to petition the universe to bring your desires to reality. Be positive you deserve what you desire and that you really want what you are visualizing.

Another way to think about what you want, since we have to be specific and devoted to get what we want, is to view your desires through an anagram,


Strengths – What is good about your position?
What will aid your success?

Weaknesses – What could go against you?
Do the possible costs outweigh the gains?

Opportunities – It’s all about timing. when is the best time to
do this? Have you any astrological or planetary

Threats – What could possibly go wrong? You might be
surprised. Consider it all.

There is a connection between the commitment you make to performing the ritual that will be very important to the outcome of your endeavors. You can just speak the words you are using in the spell, or your could be the thought behind the words. Make them come from your mind. Visualize what you are saying and always believe!

We all know there is intelligence in life’s energies. Some call it “God”. But, this God does not judge you. It never controls you. It definitely breaks cosmic laws to think we do NOT have free choice in how we decide to use energies and powers given to us by being alive.

One can choose to squander the talents and benefits one has been given by birth and waste the power we have over our lives. I bet we all know someone who has chosen this path.

However, if you choose to live in security, wealth and happiness, you have all the same powers at your disposal. Tell the universe what you want, inform your subconscious and your desire will soon manifest itself. Because we have free will, we must behave in a responsible way. Ask only for good.

There are several more symbols people can use to petition the universe, besides the candles. I will discuss these more in another blog. However, if you are curious, look for upcoming blogs about the magic sphere, the cross within the circle, and other amazing aspects of performing candle magic spells.


This blog has discussed use of performing candle magic ritual spells in the proper mental and physical state. The subconscious is powerful and once you learn to harness its power you will not believe the results. You must be ready to communicate with the universe through use of symbolism and your subconscious.

In other, subsequent blogs I will cover other necessary symbolism for creating positive candle magic rituals. I cited my sources at the bottom of this post. If you enjoyed it, you may consider purchasing same.

Thanks for reading. Think positively!


Cooper, Phillip (2000) Candle Magic, a Coveted Collection of Spells, Rituals and Magic Paradigms, Weiser and Co. ISBN number: 1-57863-121-1




I have been researching online lately. My readers can tell, because that’s how I get all this great candle information to give to you. I found the most sought-after goal was money or prosperity.

It’s a fact of life on earth for most people. We need incomes. It’s becoming pretty important how large that income is OR has the potential to become. That’s why some people invest in the stock market or have a savings account.

We need enough money to live. And, life gets easier with the more income you have at your disposal. I know money cannot buy happiness. But, it DOES buy a warm place to live.

Do you know that some people actually fear success? It’s true. Some people have negative thoughts about their ability to make money or trouble imagining themselves in better positions. But, there is good news!

Using your mind and candle magic rituals, you can change your own, negative thinking into positive images and self-talk with visualization. If you follow this practice as hard as you can, you will see your thoughts getting clearer and more positive. You will feel less fear and expect only good outcomes.

But, you really have to use your brain to create images in your thinking. The images and thoughts you focus on AND REALLY BELIEVE will be communicated to your subconscious mind. This will allow your life to be opened to the universe, which can give us everything or nothing, depending on what we believe. This is so powerful, it’s easy to overlook.


Magic is a science. It is a science that employs you mind to work FOR you. Not everyone can achieve this state themselves. Some people’s minds work against them. To add insult to injury, these people don’t realize that their negative attitude and expectations are causing misfortune to find them, by constantly worrying about the very same thing!

You can teach your subconscious to think positively with practice. The problem is that your mind doesn’t believe anything you tell it to. The subconscious only believes what you believe.

To cause changes to occur according to your will, perform a candle ritual using a knob candle, pictured above. A knobbed candle is one that is sectioned off into 7 obvious parts. It is also known as a “wishing” candle.

The reason for the seven sections is to indicate how long to burn the candle on each of the 7 days. The candle is burnt down to the next section, obviously. While it burns, we perform our ritual. We extinguish the knob candle right before it begins to burn the next knob.

We started this discussion on attracting money or prosperity. If you wish to attract money, you should probably choose a green knobbed candle, as pictured below.

There will be 6 parts to a successful ritual procedure. I list them here for simplicity:

1. Plan your specific intention. First you must have a goal in mind.
2. Plan out the procedure. Know what you are going to do.
3. Make preparations for your ritual. – Assemble things you will use.
4. Relax and be calm.
5. Perform the ritual.
6. Clean everything up.

If you follow these steps above, your ritual will go much smoother and uninterrupted by you having to search each thing out as you need it.

Money rituals involve the planet Venus. You want to harness the power of Venus to attract your desire. Venus’ energy draws success and money. The green color of the candle will cause your mind to focus on this energy so that the subconscious can understand it to be present.


That is no problem. Any candle can be used. Just be sure to mark the candle into seven sections and only use one section of the candle on one night. This spell will last for 7 days and you must be able to follow through for 7 consecutive nights for it to become effective. The ritual should be performed at about the same time of day on each of the days. It’s crucial to persist for the entire week. On occasion, you might feel the temptation of distraction or procrastination, but be strong. Make some sacrifices, or do not expect to be successful with your intention!

Place the candle in a holder of your choice. Put the candle and the holder on a handkerchief or other cloth. Gather your thoughts and be sure to have matches, a candle extinguisher. Sit calmly. Do not entertain thoughts of the everyday world to encroach upon this time in your mind. When you are calm, begin the ritual.

First, use a creative thinking technique, like thinking in pictures. Picture what you want to attract. When you feel ready, light the candle. Put your finger on the first segment of the candle. Visualize having what you want. A few words could be spoken here, “I call upon the abundant universe to direct the power of my subconscious mind to provide what I wish for”. The words are not important. The important thing is to communicate to your subconscious in a way it will understand your desire.

As you visualize, try to see a green light, like a bright emerald, beginning to accumulate around you. As you say ( or think) the words, feel the words and the green light becoming brighter and larger. Visualize yourself to be a magnet that attracts money. Imagine it coming at you as rain, or in big yard waste baskets, whatever seems right to you. Use the power of imagination and positive thinking to FEEL the money falling from the sky into your lap.

Money is pulled toward you in this ritual. You can see it piling up in your mailbox or bank account. There is so much of it, it overtakes the bag or other container to overflow onto the floor. YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. FEEL IT!

Take ten or 15 minutes to fully visualize and imagining like this. Think up your own symbols, in addition to those mentioned here. It is all about YOU. The symbols you choose will be more significant to you!

After 15 minutes or so, you can imagine the green light leaving the magic sphere by the four directions north, south, east and west. Visualize the light emanating from you stretching out to all people, some you know, some you don’t know. For example, you could think of all the people in all the hospitals now, or people who work for the organizations to whom you owe money. Visualize these people reacting favorably to your light, wanting to help you. Do not see these people as making demands, but as those who would help you.


When you have completed the ritual and spent time positively visualizing, rise and leave the room. You must allow the candle to burn down to the fist segment. Then, extinguish the candle. Wrap the candle in the cloth or handkerchief and go on with your day.

Do this faithfully for 7 days. It will become easier and more fulfilling to do with more practice. If you have never tried communicating with your subconscious, you are in for a treat. A new world has just opened up to you.


I have explained a candle magic ritual to attract money in this blog. I know that communicating with the subconscious is very powerful. This is the way we believe ALL THINGS TO BE TRUE. They are NOT true. We only perceive them to be.

If you train yourself to see another reality, you will begin to experience that new reality. Use the power of positive thinking to attract money. Candle magic is a science of the mind. We can all use some help. We can all help ourselves.

I am very interested to hear from my readers concerning their thoughts on the subject of candle magic, candle rituals, or any other thing you might have on your mind. Please leave a reply to this post. We could engage here and I would love to hear thoughts from others! Thanks for reading.



A wedding ceremony is a magical thing! It is magical for a number of reasons. Initially, wedding ceremonies alter your life. As a matter of fact, whether or not to marry is one of the biggest, longest-lasting and important life decisions you will make. Millions of girls are brought up to expect that one day they will be a bride and have their special, completing, significant other bound to them in a special ritual. I love the use of a Unity Candles wedding ceremony for this purpose.

There are many types of wedding ceremonies. I grew up only knowing about formal Roman Catholic Church and reception affairs. These kinds of weddings take months of preparation and lots of money! They are usually the end of a long engagement period.

  I’ve attended numerous large Italian weddings that included the church service along with all the dogmatic symbolism, the photography session (if you were in the wedding party or a part of the immediate family) and then the attendance at the big gala extravaganza to follow that evening. The bride, in a flowing white gown and veil, presides over the party of her dreams, that includes a formal dinner, a live, local band and lots of presents and well-wishers.

I was a teenager before I realized many people didn’t use this method to marry. When I learned of people that were married at City Hall or some other informal setting, I always wondered how they managed to fit a life-changing event into just another “errand” they had to run that day! Now, I know it happens all the time. To each his (and her) own.


If you are planning a joining of two lives, you have my best wishes for a joyful event and a happy-ever-after type ending. I have been to lovely weddings in many locations ranging from friends’ basements to beach or backyard gatherings. 


When you plan a wedding, you have many decisions to make. Since this day is all about making the two participants happy, people choose to get married in many ways and in many different locations.
I’ve attended backyard weddings that were just as symbolic and beautiful as a formal church wedding. Beach weddings are a favorite of mine after spending years in Florida. The ocean has always been symbolic of “time immemorial”, especially in art. Water itself is symbolic of rebirth and cleansing.

Weddings are all in the details. To some couples, the location of the marriage is of little importance. To others, choosing a location is a personal and sometimes financial, decision.

When you choose a location other than a church, you have the freedom of writing your own vows and planning your entire ceremony to your own tastes. It is a joyous day and deserves to be observed in whatever way will make you happy. I personally know women who had planned their wedding days since they were children.

If you are considering a Roman Catholic or Anglican Church service, the marriage ritual is already set by the church.

These religions have symbols in their ceremonies, but the use of candles is NOT one of them. Since I am a self-proclaimed candle type of person, I wondered whether or not candles were allowed in Roman Catholic marriage ceremonies.

I found out that The Unity candle is NOT specifically banned from these parochial ceremonies. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops states that each church may make its own decision about permitting the use of the Unity Candle in their wedding ceremonies.


If, upon prior agreement between the marriage participants and the pastor or minister, the use of the Unity candle ceremony is included, the ritual candles must be lit from The Paschal Candle /the-paschal-candle-and-the-catholic-church”>

The only other stipulation is the unity candles must NOT be placed on the altar.

However, if you are planning a more casual, less religious service, I believe the Unity Candle ritual is a wonderful accompaniment to the ceremony. For best results, candles are best utilized in indoor rituals and services. The outdoor setting does not lend itself very well to the use of candles.

bride and groom in sneakers
bride and groom in sneakers and wedding garb.


A unity candle ritual traditionally involves three candles. The candles are usually white. However, it’s your wedding. You get to make the rules, right?
If you have a color scheme planned, you can choose different colored candles. One large pillar candle represents the union of two combining their energies into one. The bride and groom are each represented by their own taper candle.

The bride and groom can decide the exact ritual. Here are some examples: one ceremony involves the lighting of the two taper candles at the beginning of the ritual. These can be lit by a parent or close family member on each side of the two families. This way, the tapers can symbolize the two families being joined (if there are two families involved) and their acceptance of the union. The large pillar candle may then be lit, by the bride and groom simultaneously, from the flame of these tapers to signify the cementing of the union or the combination of the two flames into one spirit, or flame.

Obviously, one could alter the ritual to one’s individual (or combined) situation. The lighting of the candle is only one symbolic aspect of your wedding ceremony. There is usually a third person who performs the ceremony or ritual. People add vows, music, speeches from others, and whatever other symbolism is important to them to create a wedding that is truly unique and representative of the bride and groom.



Weddings are a time for celebration and happiness. Many couples today feel free enough to marry using methods as unique as the couple themselves. There are sports-themed weddings, natural setting unions, even large, formal church masses, all used as a metaphor for unification of  two people into one.

wedding silhouette
bride and groom silhouette

I love the benefit of visually representing the union of two people in marriage by the use of the Unity candles. If you are planning ( or have planned) a wedding, I would be interested in hearing your views on the subject.

We can communicate by the use of the comment boxes located at the end of the post. Describe your special day to me. Do you feel strongly about traditional weddings? Or, do you prefer the more casual civil unions? Please engage with me here. I promise to respond within 24 hours. Thanks for reading.




Easing your burdens, whether physical or mental, can be achieved by practicing candle magic. It’s true. How may among us can say life is a breeze and we have nothing we need to change about ourselves? Anyone who answered, “I can” may leave the room.

For the rest of us still here, pink candle magic can cure the unresolved feelings from your past. Pink candle magic helps heal emotional traumas. In this blog, I will explain how performing a simple ritual involving one candle can help you feel better. Pink candles cure feelings of low self-esteem and dissatisfaction. I will use the pink candle as a demonstration of the ritual, then provide a list of colors for candles used for other specific purposes.
pink candle
To begin, always remember the universe is infinite. It provides us whatever we draw to ourselves through our thoughts. However, the universe is IMPARTIAL. Whatever you think about, you will attract: positive AND negative. Therefore, it is imperative you do the work of having positive visualization, appreciation and belief.

Emotions are important because if you feel depressed about something and constantly dwell in negativity, you will attract more of the same.


Here’s the Pink Candle Magic Ritual:

1. Place a pink candle on a safe holder. Locate the candle in a place you can easily see, on a table (or altar, if you will).
Consider this: if the candle is placed over a mirror, the power of the candle will be doubled!. Be conscious of where you plan to do the ritual. Safe placement of any flame is extremely important.

2. Find a place to sit comfortably. You should be no more than six feet away from your flame and be able to see it without tilting your head. Some people believe the candle should be level with your third-eye.

3. Light the pink candle. Sit on your chair and look into the candle flame.

4. AS you follow the flame with your eyes, it is vital to begin to use visualization and self-talk to imagine already having the desired result. Since pink is used to stop the release of negative energy and to relieve our emotional trauma, you should concentrate on how happy you will feel once you have succeeded letting go of the pain. Begin to visualize yourself already achieving the desired outcome. Realize the amount of joy you can feel after allowing your past problems to float away.

5. If giving and receiving love is problematic for you, do pink candle magic. If you feel uselessness, the pink candle will treat these symptoms. As you look into the candle and think of achieving your goal, begin to notice beyond the flame to the pinkness of the candle. Then, visualize the pink glow beginning to slowly grow to engulf you. More concentration and imagery, perhaps some thankfulness for what you already have ( always helps ), and the pink glow can begin to fill the room.

6. The entire time, focus your thoughts NOT ON THE TRAUMA OR LOST LOVE, but rather on how much happier you will be when you finally begin to help yourself. Visualize your life becoming better and explore the feelings of calm and happiness you wish to achieve.

7. Allow the color of the candle to include not only you, but the entire room. You should bask in the pink of the candle as long as you can visualize pink light flooding the room.

8. Once you feel the glow of pink fill the room, your body and your mind, bathe in the healing. The ritual can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your capacity for concentration and visualization.

9. When the glow begins to recede, say, “Thank You”. Then, snuff the candle out. Go about your life. Some practitioners believe a candle should never be blown out. A snuffer is the usual, preferred choice.

Many people prefer the Bell Snuffer, so I included a link.

Not ALL feel this way; some think the exertion of air over the flame is significant. So, I just do whatever feels right for that day. For example, on the days I use a red candle for motivation, I will blow it out with my breath. To me, I start to exert my extra confidence to prevail over the candle. This ritual can be done daily, if you wish. It will relieve your negative emotions if you believe and visualize.

Now that you know the ritual, it can be used for a myriad of reasons, explained below. The ritual remains the same. The color of the candle change, depending on your desired result. Let’s look at the other colors used in candle magic and what they cure.

A note about doing the work of visualization and thought imagery during the ritual. However, the ritual alone is not enough to make your dreams come true. For example, if your ritual involves finding the love of your life, you must also put yourself in social situations that can provide you with opportunities for the magic to happen. Performance of the ritual will not cause the love of your life to find you sitting alone in your apartment. You must put yourself in social situations and be your true self.


1. WHITE can be used for any candle color. White is always right. It eliminates worry and creates more protection. Depending on your concentration and visualization, a white candle can be used in place of any other color and be just as effective. White indicates purity of thought and deed.

2. BLUE clears your thought patterns when you are confused. Blue can help you with a difficult decision. The fear of flying ( or other means of travel) can be reduced by performing a blue candle ritual. A blue candle increases your faith, hope and courage.

3. SILVER creates self-esteem and increases confidence. Perform a silver candle ritual when you want to improve your current situation. Silver gives you the power you need to whatever it is we need to do. Silver causes us to feel the best we can! I couldn’t find a silver candle when I needed one, so I bought a silver candle holder and used a white candle.

4. GRAY is the cure for mental exhaustion and great stress over a long period of time. Gray will help our tenacity, at those times when we feel like giving up but don’t want to. I will continue to search for a gray candle. They are not easy to find.

5. YELLOW candle magic cures depression and feelings of helplessness. With visualization and concentration, our feelings of detachment will be eased by yellow candle magic. Communication will be facilitated. Honest communication, especially in relationships, will improve.

6. PINK cures feelings of worthlessness, loneliness other emotional traumas. Review the ritual described above to find more uses for pink candle magic.

7. ORANGE eliminates feelings of lethargy and creates motivation. Orange candle magic will improve your goal-setting ability. Orange cures worry, doubt and fear. It gives guidance on how one should proceed.

8. INDIGO boosts concentration and memory. If you feel overcome by responsibilities, perhaps from your job or family, indigo will be the answer. Concentrate on how much you love everyone!

9. RED is powerful. Red eliminates negative attitudes and pessimistic thoughts. Red creates courage. Red is invigorating and induces self-confidence.

10. VIOLET creates inner peace and cures feelings of guilt, increases feelings of self-nurturing and self-worth. Violet candle magic helps with spiritual direction and faith.

11.GREEN eliminates emotions of instability and co-dependency. Green also does away with tension, resentment and impatience. Green also reduces anger.

12.GOLD will eliminate one’s fear of success. If you feel unworthy, or doubt yourself or your well-being, gold candle magic will help you find areas to excel and progress in, while not feeling negatively about money or success.


This blog is intended to help those who want to use candle magic to improve their emotional and physical health. Pink candle magic, along with other colors of candle magic, when used correctly, will help your emotions and calm your spirit. It will ease past wounds and create happiness. I encourage you to try candle magic. I believe it is encourages us to think positively and be calm. It can improve self-worth and create emotions of well-being.

CITATION: Webster, Richard (2007) Candle Magic for Beginners.



If you said no, you are probably mistaken. Have you ever made a wish and blown out candles on a birthday cake? Then, you have engaged in candle magic! Candle magic is used for good. It is light candle magic. First, you made a wish-probably with closed eyes- then,took a deep breath and blew out the candles ( one for each year, huh?). Do you know why?

The blowing out of birthday candles is a ritual involving candle
magic. The wish you make is your concentration on what you want. The breath you use to blow out the candles signifies ‘life’ that is going on in you for all the years represented by the candles. It overcomes the years.
Down throughout the ages, a candle’s flame has always been used to represent “spiritual illumination”. The light is knowledge. The darkness is ignorance and nothingness. This is how early Christians beeswax candles came to represent Christ, faith and witness. Throughout history

The candle is a symbol of the human lifespan; the brief time we get to live. It is also a metaphor of the fragility of human life: it is easily extinguished! In some paintings, a candle is often used to symbolize a human soul.

Throughout history, it was believed that evil spirits could extinguish a lighted candle with their presence. You see, they prefer darkness. There is a belief that burning candles could keep evil spirits away.

For example, all births signaled the use of candles, so the flames could defend the new life from evil. The same belief surrounded death: candles were used to protect the dying from being interfered with by evil spirits. Candles insured the soul would be free from evil upon death.

There have always been rituals that use candle light. In northern England, candles are popular as a love charm, even into modern times. One old ritual involved sticking two pins into a candle. By the time the candle burned down to the pins, your love should arrive! Boy, that was easy.

The Jewish Festival of the Lights or Hanukkah, involves the lighting of one candle on the first night of the holy time. The second night, two candles are burned, and so on until the eighth night when all the candles are lit. The candles are a symbol of the Jewish faith: it is ever-growing and inextinguishable. This holiday commemorates the dedication of the Second Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem in 165 BC.

The Jewish faith also uses a burning candle 10 days before Yom Kippur ( the Day of Atonement). It is at this time that God decides the fate of all living people for the next year. If the candle symbolizing you burns to the bottom, you were supposed to live to see the next Yom Kippur. If your candle somehow burned out, you were not expected to live out the year.

This is just mentioned as an example. People of all religions, as well as Pagans, used the purest beeswax to make their religious or spiritual candles. Bees were considered messengers to God. Surely, with the use of pure beeswax candles, the connection to God seemed closer.


The Unabridged Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines magic as the “art of achieving a desired result by use of certain, mysterious techniques, such as incantations or ceremonies”.

The famous 20th Century magician, Aleister Crowley, defined magic as, ” The Science and art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”. I’ve read that magic is made by ” removing the limitations from what we think are the earthly and spiritual laws that bind or compel us. We can be anything because we are All.” Florence Faar.

Magic allows us to defeat what would otherwise be overpowering, insurmountable forces and helps us attract to us whatever we think about.


Have you ever heard of a book called “The Secret”? Many famous and successful people live by this book and its’ teachings. The Secret is about harnessing the power of the universe, which is infinite, to give us whatever we are concentrating on: a desired outcome or a need we have to fill. The book, available here on DVD or in book form, below, is a close parallel to

using candle magic. Picture yourself with your heart’s desire, respect the universe and be positive and open to receiving your wish. In both candle magic and The Secret, one must be willing to do the work associated with the desired outcome for you to realize it. Let’s say you wanted to use candle magic to attract the love of your life to you. You must not wait to the ritual and flame to do the entire job. You must believe and put yourself in situations where you are able to meet people. The magic will do nothing to make whatever you seek suddenly appear at your doorstep. Picture what you want; imagine how happy you will be once you have your heart’s desire. Think only good thoughts. And, be persistent. Out of all of the magical arts, candle magic is famous for its simplicity and effectiveness.


1. It is inexpensive and uses supplies found anywhere.

2. There is no need for special robes or involved ceremonies.

3. Rituals can be performed indoors or outdoors.

4. There is no special training needed. Start now, and see immediate results!

5. It is versatile. There are rituals for attraction, repulsion, protection and for divination of the future, as well as petition.

6. It must only be used for GOOD. Remember Karma? If you put bad or negative vibrations or thoughts into the universe, they will come back to you as negative. If you are positive and stand for good, only good things will be attracted to you.

Let’s return to the birthday candle magic discussion. Each time you made a wish and blew out a candle, you practiced candle magic: you concentrated on something, then wished for it ( I bet you closed your eyes sometimes, too), your subconscious received the request and made the wish “come true”! I believe this is related to the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy – whatever your mind dwells on will be attracted to you through the limitless universe!

Lighting a candle for a specific purpose doesn’t have to be intrusive or obvious in your lifestyle. Only you know the significance placed on the burning of the candle in the ritual you performed. People react positively to candlelight.

Candle light itself is uplifting and comforting. The flames emit light and warmth that create feelings of joy and lightness. A candle flame is dynamic. Looking into a candle flame is hypnotic and dynamic at the same time. I think it is plain to see how candles became associated with magical power.

Churches, like the Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox all incorporate the burning of candles when making requests and petitions. People all over the globe use candles to effect change and bring them what they want


When one lights a candle for a specific purpose, the candle becomes a powerful tool that helps you do magic. The requester make a subconscious impression on the candle by concentration. As the candle burns, the request is sent out into the universe. It is a link between the mind of the petitioner and the Universal Mind ( whoever or whatever you perceive that to be). The Universal Mind is spiritual. The candle wax is changed into spirit by the burning. Add intent, and you have some powerful magic.


The four elements are incorporated into rituals involving candles.

The unburned candle symbolizes Earth, but when Fire is introduced the candle begins to melt, which results in liquid wax ( symbolizing Water). The Air is symbolized by the smoke emitted from the candle flame.


Factors necessary for making magic include:

Have a desire or goal in mind. You should stay focused on it the entire time needed to complete the ritual.

Emotional involvement on your part is essential!

Choose the correct candle(s).

The candle must be dressed. This will be discussed in another blog.

The candle must be consecrated. Also discussed in other blogs.

The candle must be burned. The best way to do this is with a ritual. It helps to send the desire (wish) energy into the universe.

Believe in the power of your magic. Wait, excitedly, for the desired results.

Remember to do the work associated with obtaining your desire. We are instrumental in drawing to us what we want. Doing the work is vital to your magical capabilities.


I believe candle magic can work, depending on our own opinions and amount of work done,in addition to the candle ritual. Petitioners have long sought the divine help of the universe in achieving their goals. The subconscious mind somehow communicates our deepest desires to the Universal Mind. This helps us visualize and keep on reaching for our desired outcomes. Envision good things, believe, live well, treat others well, and follow your heart.

I will continue to investigate more of candle magic and report back to you. This site is always under construction. Please feel free to leave comments if you desire. We love to communicate and answer any questions that may come up. And, keep returning as I delve deeper into candle rituals and magic.

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