I have found the perfect reference guide if you are a person who enjoys making your own candle holders. This publication is not new, but it is filled with homemade candle holder creation secrets that are startlingly easy to make while looking professional enough to give proudly as gifts.

The author of this book is a seasoned professional in the home decor industry. Gloria Nicol is the former “HOMES” department head at Good Housekeeping. She wrote (according to me) the definitive how-to guide when it comes to candles and their display.

The publication, The New Candle Book: Inspirational Ideas for Displaying, Using and Making Candles, formally cited below, is a treasure trove of information you never knew you needed.

“The immense potential for using and displaying candles in the home often goes unrealized…” Nicol states. Then, she proceeds to explain how to transform almost anything into a candle holder of great beauty. Her talent as a master crafts person is obvious.

The book is divided into four sections: The Introduction; Candle Style; Candle Making; and the very impressive Containers for Candles segments. I want to share one secret idea from each section of the book. This way, you can plainly see the value of this information.

By the way, the book has stunning photographs. Nicol partnered with a photographer who is renowned for her images employing only natural light while capturing textures and colors exquisitely.

The author presents so many creative ideas on each page, it is difficult to choose which to present to you. Have you ever considered storing candles in plain sight in such a way as to appear to be French Countryside Shabby Chic? No? You must check out page 15 of this book. The author simply makes a pile of cream colored tapers and ties the pile with a decorative ribbon. Store on the countertop or in a cupboard. This adds style to your room while being functional as well, keeping candles pretty until they are needed for use.

The book continues to enlighten and guide the reader to use candles and the holders you choose to display them in as reflections of your uniqueness. You know, I have researched home lifestyles enough to know that there is a trend forming lately. People are increasing the attractiveness and appeal of the private spaces in their homes to maximize the restfulness of the short hours we get to spend in these spaces.

For example, there is a growing trend in fashion and home decor to mood specific scents and even lingerie. One’s bath and bedroom can become the sensual Zen garden of your dreams!



Did you know that any taper candle can be heated until it twists? It’s true. You can make a twisted candle by employing just the right amount of heat until the candle is pliable. Then, just twist with your hands on each end of the taper. It’s tips like this one that begin to illustrate just how much expertise is contained in the book.

Have you ever considered turning an existing candle stick into one that has mirrored mosaics on it? It’s possible – and inexpensive to do following this book. Themed candle holders are explained in the book, also. Styles such as Byzantine and Provincial are illustrated in detail.

Candle collection ideas specifically for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Halloween are just some of the candle uses and decorations that begin with an ordinary soda can or dried leaf from nature. Even add a few drops of your favorite aroma and enjoy the sensuality. Every step along the way is clearly defined. Shopping lists of supplies are included.

Here is another tip or two for you from the book I’m getting to know as my bible. Make candle holders from used food tins. Make a habit of saving and collecting cookie tins and jelly jars. You can paint your own color scheme in a pretty pattern to make them stand out in your decor. It’s easy to do with the hints in this book.

I have never considered myself a crafty person. I cannot draw a straight line. But, I am overjoyed to find this book, written by a truly-gifted craft person. It makes it simple for me to display and use my candles to my heart’s content. Remember, using candles and holders in groups of two, three or four adds drama and beauty to your decor.

OK, one last tip. The author advises us that a little gold leaf paint goes a long way when painted on the inside of a cleaned out coconut shell. You wind up with a gilded candle container! Even instructions for making and using papier-mache for candle holders is explained and recipes given!

The making of copper sconces to hold candles is completely explained. All materials are accessible through craft stores and other retail outlets. Templates for designs are included also.


I have written this blog to review the publication, The New Candle Book, written by Gloria Nicol. It attempts to showcase the creative talents of the author, while acknowledging the artistry of photographer, Debbie Patterson.

In my humble opinion, this book should be required reading for anyone who has ever been drawn to candlelight and inexpensive beauty. By breaking the subject of the book into four sections, the author’s expertise on each aspect of candles is revealed.

As someone with absolutely no craft ability, I must state that this book made it possible for me to proudly display my budding artistic ability while allowing me more enjoyment of my passion – candles.

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Nicol, Gloria (1995), The New Candle Book: inspirational ideas for displaying, using and making candles, Hodder & Stoughton, Anness Pulbishing, Ltd., ISBN number: 0-7336-0085-9


  1. Great wright-up here. Explains the book very well.
    I might suggest adding a few more pictures to break it up a bit, maybe a couple more links to finding the book as well.
    All the best to your success!

    1. Hi Wayne,

      Your comments are apprecicated. The book has exquisite pictures, but I am afraid to snap one with my phone and attach, due to copyright worries. Do you think it would be ok to use pix I took (of the ones in the book)?
      I agree, it needs to be broken up a little. Thank you for your suggestions. 🙂


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