I have been researching online lately. My readers can tell, because that’s how I get all this great candle information to give to you. I found the most sought-after goal was money or prosperity.

It’s a fact of life on earth for most people. We need incomes. It’s becoming pretty important how large that income is OR has the potential to become. That’s why some people invest in the stock market or have a savings account.

We need enough money to live. And, life gets easier with the more income you have at your disposal. I know money cannot buy happiness. But, it DOES buy a warm place to live.

Do you know that some people actually fear success? It’s true. Some people have negative thoughts about their ability to make money or trouble imagining themselves in better positions. But, there is good news!

Using your mind and candle magic rituals, you can change your own, negative thinking into positive images and self-talk with visualization. If you follow this practice as hard as you can, you will see your thoughts getting clearer and more positive. You will feel less fear and expect only good outcomes.

But, you really have to use your brain to create images in your thinking. The images and thoughts you focus on AND REALLY BELIEVE will be communicated to your subconscious mind. This will allow your life to be opened to the universe, which can give us everything or nothing, depending on what we believe. This is so powerful, it’s easy to overlook.


Magic is a science. It is a science that employs you mind to work FOR you. Not everyone can achieve this state themselves. Some people’s minds work against them. To add insult to injury, these people don’t realize that their negative attitude and expectations are causing misfortune to find them, by constantly worrying about the very same thing!

You can teach your subconscious to think positively with practice. The problem is that your mind doesn’t believe anything you tell it to. The subconscious only believes what you believe.

To cause changes to occur according to your will, perform a candle ritual using a knob candle, pictured above. A knobbed candle is one that is sectioned off into 7 obvious parts. It is also known as a “wishing” candle.

The reason for the seven sections is to indicate how long to burn the candle on each of the 7 days. The candle is burnt down to the next section, obviously. While it burns, we perform our ritual. We extinguish the knob candle right before it begins to burn the next knob.

We started this discussion on attracting money or prosperity. If you wish to attract money, you should probably choose a green knobbed candle, as pictured below.

There will be 6 parts to a successful ritual procedure. I list them here for simplicity:

1. Plan your specific intention. First you must have a goal in mind.
2. Plan out the procedure. Know what you are going to do.
3. Make preparations for your ritual. – Assemble things you will use.
4. Relax and be calm.
5. Perform the ritual.
6. Clean everything up.

If you follow these steps above, your ritual will go much smoother and uninterrupted by you having to search each thing out as you need it.

Money rituals involve the planet Venus. You want to harness the power of Venus to attract your desire. Venus’ energy draws success and money. The green color of the candle will cause your mind to focus on this energy so that the subconscious can understand it to be present.


That is no problem. Any candle can be used. Just be sure to mark the candle into seven sections and only use one section of the candle on one night. This spell will last for 7 days and you must be able to follow through for 7 consecutive nights for it to become effective. The ritual should be performed at about the same time of day on each of the days. It’s crucial to persist for the entire week. On occasion, you might feel the temptation of distraction or procrastination, but be strong. Make some sacrifices, or do not expect to be successful with your intention!

Place the candle in a holder of your choice. Put the candle and the holder on a handkerchief or other cloth. Gather your thoughts and be sure to have matches, a candle extinguisher. Sit calmly. Do not entertain thoughts of the everyday world to encroach upon this time in your mind. When you are calm, begin the ritual.

First, use a creative thinking technique, like thinking in pictures. Picture what you want to attract. When you feel ready, light the candle. Put your finger on the first segment of the candle. Visualize having what you want. A few words could be spoken here, “I call upon the abundant universe to direct the power of my subconscious mind to provide what I wish for”. The words are not important. The important thing is to communicate to your subconscious in a way it will understand your desire.

As you visualize, try to see a green light, like a bright emerald, beginning to accumulate around you. As you say ( or think) the words, feel the words and the green light becoming brighter and larger. Visualize yourself to be a magnet that attracts money. Imagine it coming at you as rain, or in big yard waste baskets, whatever seems right to you. Use the power of imagination and positive thinking to FEEL the money falling from the sky into your lap.

Money is pulled toward you in this ritual. You can see it piling up in your mailbox or bank account. There is so much of it, it overtakes the bag or other container to overflow onto the floor. YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. FEEL IT!

Take ten or 15 minutes to fully visualize and imagining like this. Think up your own symbols, in addition to those mentioned here. It is all about YOU. The symbols you choose will be more significant to you!

After 15 minutes or so, you can imagine the green light leaving the magic sphere by the four directions north, south, east and west. Visualize the light emanating from you stretching out to all people, some you know, some you don’t know. For example, you could think of all the people in all the hospitals now, or people who work for the organizations to whom you owe money. Visualize these people reacting favorably to your light, wanting to help you. Do not see these people as making demands, but as those who would help you.


When you have completed the ritual and spent time positively visualizing, rise and leave the room. You must allow the candle to burn down to the fist segment. Then, extinguish the candle. Wrap the candle in the cloth or handkerchief and go on with your day.

Do this faithfully for 7 days. It will become easier and more fulfilling to do with more practice. If you have never tried communicating with your subconscious, you are in for a treat. A new world has just opened up to you.


I have explained a candle magic ritual to attract money in this blog. I know that communicating with the subconscious is very powerful. This is the way we believe ALL THINGS TO BE TRUE. They are NOT true. We only perceive them to be.

If you train yourself to see another reality, you will begin to experience that new reality. Use the power of positive thinking to attract money. Candle magic is a science of the mind. We can all use some help. We can all help ourselves.

I am very interested to hear from my readers concerning their thoughts on the subject of candle magic, candle rituals, or any other thing you might have on your mind. Please leave a reply to this post. We could engage here and I would love to hear thoughts from others! Thanks for reading.


  1. Very Interesting. I have always wanted to do the money ritual, but my husband is totally against candles in the house. He says all he can think of is a fire breaking out. So even on special occasions we have never used candles. Accept one time when the neighborhood lost power. But other than that, no candles in the house. But maybe one day he will come around. I love this information those and your site is really nice.

    1. Hi Alexis,

      I am happy to hear you enjoyed reading what I wrote. I am sorry you can’t enjoy candles, but a man’s home is his castle. Have you ever tried the battery operated “flameless” candles that are out now? I always try to relieve stress in my life and I have found that the ritual helps me relax.

      I’m so happy you wrote! Thanks.Sue

  2. I really like this idea and I really like candles. Before our last hurricane, I bought a bunch of candles. I don’t have the knob candles, but I do have candles and this is worth a try. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Mom,

      I know, candles are a joy. They speak to something in us that is ancient. You don’t really need knob candles. Any 5 or 6 inch tall candle will do – some people just divide any candle by cutting segment markings or notches into the candle, spaced equally.

      I really do believe this is worth a try. I’ve been learning that the subconscious is in tune with the universe, which can provide anything. We make our own reality!

      I’d love to hear how it goes. I’m going to do this also! Thanks for writing.


    1. HI,

      Belief in things like this have been handed down through generations. I am researching this and I’m trying to find something really old. Remember the Salem Witches? Some people think it is occult or some kind of bad thing. I am learning that it’s really just a matter of positive thinking and visualization. I looked into the definition of magic and it seems to be “causing things to happen according to will”.

      I am a big believer in the human mind creating its’ own reality. Imagine a really beautiful person who has been told their entire life they are worthless – they won’t remain beautiful looking or feeling after a while.

      Thanks for your remarks and for reading. I will continue to post about this topic, since I am very taken with it.


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