Easing your burdens, whether physical or mental, can be achieved by practicing candle magic. It’s true. How may among us can say life is a breeze and we have nothing we need to change about ourselves? Anyone who answered, “I can” may leave the room.

For the rest of us still here, pink candle magic can cure the unresolved feelings from your past. Pink candle magic helps heal emotional traumas. In this blog, I will explain how performing a simple ritual involving one candle can help you feel better. Pink candles cure feelings of low self-esteem and dissatisfaction. I will use the pink candle as a demonstration of the ritual, then provide a list of colors for candles used for other specific purposes.
pink candle
To begin, always remember the universe is infinite. It provides us whatever we draw to ourselves through our thoughts. However, the universe is IMPARTIAL. Whatever you think about, you will attract: positive AND negative. Therefore, it is imperative you do the work of having positive visualization, appreciation and belief.

Emotions are important because if you feel depressed about something and constantly dwell in negativity, you will attract more of the same.


Here’s the Pink Candle Magic Ritual:

1. Place a pink candle on a safe holder. Locate the candle in a place you can easily see, on a table (or altar, if you will).
Consider this: if the candle is placed over a mirror, the power of the candle will be doubled!. Be conscious of where you plan to do the ritual. Safe placement of any flame is extremely important.

2. Find a place to sit comfortably. You should be no more than six feet away from your flame and be able to see it without tilting your head. Some people believe the candle should be level with your third-eye.

3. Light the pink candle. Sit on your chair and look into the candle flame.

4. AS you follow the flame with your eyes, it is vital to begin to use visualization and self-talk to imagine already having the desired result. Since pink is used to stop the release of negative energy and to relieve our emotional trauma, you should concentrate on how happy you will feel once you have succeeded letting go of the pain. Begin to visualize yourself already achieving the desired outcome. Realize the amount of joy you can feel after allowing your past problems to float away.

5. If giving and receiving love is problematic for you, do pink candle magic. If you feel uselessness, the pink candle will treat these symptoms. As you look into the candle and think of achieving your goal, begin to notice beyond the flame to the pinkness of the candle. Then, visualize the pink glow beginning to slowly grow to engulf you. More concentration and imagery, perhaps some thankfulness for what you already have ( always helps ), and the pink glow can begin to fill the room.

6. The entire time, focus your thoughts NOT ON THE TRAUMA OR LOST LOVE, but rather on how much happier you will be when you finally begin to help yourself. Visualize your life becoming better and explore the feelings of calm and happiness you wish to achieve.

7. Allow the color of the candle to include not only you, but the entire room. You should bask in the pink of the candle as long as you can visualize pink light flooding the room.

8. Once you feel the glow of pink fill the room, your body and your mind, bathe in the healing. The ritual can last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your capacity for concentration and visualization.

9. When the glow begins to recede, say, “Thank You”. Then, snuff the candle out. Go about your life. Some practitioners believe a candle should never be blown out. A snuffer is the usual, preferred choice.

Many people prefer the Bell Snuffer, so I included a link.

Not ALL feel this way; some think the exertion of air over the flame is significant. So, I just do whatever feels right for that day. For example, on the days I use a red candle for motivation, I will blow it out with my breath. To me, I start to exert my extra confidence to prevail over the candle. This ritual can be done daily, if you wish. It will relieve your negative emotions if you believe and visualize.

Now that you know the ritual, it can be used for a myriad of reasons, explained below. The ritual remains the same. The color of the candle change, depending on your desired result. Let’s look at the other colors used in candle magic and what they cure.

A note about doing the work of visualization and thought imagery during the ritual. However, the ritual alone is not enough to make your dreams come true. For example, if your ritual involves finding the love of your life, you must also put yourself in social situations that can provide you with opportunities for the magic to happen. Performance of the ritual will not cause the love of your life to find you sitting alone in your apartment. You must put yourself in social situations and be your true self.


1. WHITE can be used for any candle color. White is always right. It eliminates worry and creates more protection. Depending on your concentration and visualization, a white candle can be used in place of any other color and be just as effective. White indicates purity of thought and deed.

2. BLUE clears your thought patterns when you are confused. Blue can help you with a difficult decision. The fear of flying ( or other means of travel) can be reduced by performing a blue candle ritual. A blue candle increases your faith, hope and courage.

3. SILVER creates self-esteem and increases confidence. Perform a silver candle ritual when you want to improve your current situation. Silver gives you the power you need to whatever it is we need to do. Silver causes us to feel the best we can! I couldn’t find a silver candle when I needed one, so I bought a silver candle holder and used a white candle.

4. GRAY is the cure for mental exhaustion and great stress over a long period of time. Gray will help our tenacity, at those times when we feel like giving up but don’t want to. I will continue to search for a gray candle. They are not easy to find.

5. YELLOW candle magic cures depression and feelings of helplessness. With visualization and concentration, our feelings of detachment will be eased by yellow candle magic. Communication will be facilitated. Honest communication, especially in relationships, will improve.

6. PINK cures feelings of worthlessness, loneliness other emotional traumas. Review the ritual described above to find more uses for pink candle magic.

7. ORANGE eliminates feelings of lethargy and creates motivation. Orange candle magic will improve your goal-setting ability. Orange cures worry, doubt and fear. It gives guidance on how one should proceed.

8. INDIGO boosts concentration and memory. If you feel overcome by responsibilities, perhaps from your job or family, indigo will be the answer. Concentrate on how much you love everyone!

9. RED is powerful. Red eliminates negative attitudes and pessimistic thoughts. Red creates courage. Red is invigorating and induces self-confidence.

10. VIOLET creates inner peace and cures feelings of guilt, increases feelings of self-nurturing and self-worth. Violet candle magic helps with spiritual direction and faith.

11.GREEN eliminates emotions of instability and co-dependency. Green also does away with tension, resentment and impatience. Green also reduces anger.

12.GOLD will eliminate one’s fear of success. If you feel unworthy, or doubt yourself or your well-being, gold candle magic will help you find areas to excel and progress in, while not feeling negatively about money or success.


This blog is intended to help those who want to use candle magic to improve their emotional and physical health. Pink candle magic, along with other colors of candle magic, when used correctly, will help your emotions and calm your spirit. It will ease past wounds and create happiness. I encourage you to try candle magic. I believe it is encourages us to think positively and be calm. It can improve self-worth and create emotions of well-being.

CITATION: Webster, Richard (2007) Candle Magic for Beginners.

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